Kurt Metzger Talks to Young People About Sex
Monday, November 03, 2003
      ( 11:32 AM ) kurt  
dearst kurt,

Hey. I wouldnt normally write this, but i dont know where else to
turn. I am a well-respected middle manager of a large independent insurance
shipment supply management company. It sounds like a hard job, right?
Trust me, it isnt. I spend most of my days jacking off in my office. Thats
not the problem. The problem occured when i was weighing my dick on the
postage scale. Thanks!
Dave Banacca,mgr.
Easton Ind. Co.,Inc.

p.s - the UPS guy say me.
pps-i get off on sniffing his UPS truck seat

thnx again!

Dear, Dave

Firstly, your grammar is atrocious. Secondly, you didn't even ask me a question. What was the problem with the UPS scale? Was it innacurate? Was your penis cut on some sort of jagged protuberance? What do you mean by "The UPS guy say me?"

Frankly I find it frightening that someone with your limited intelligence and education could so easily rise to the rank of middle manager. There are plenty of dedicated young men an women living in ghettos right now that must face the dangers of constant, gang- related rap and breakdance battles just to get to school every day! I'm sure none of them would fritter away their time at work by punching their eclairs and then weighing them!

Straighten up and fly right!

Kurt Metzger



Kurt Metzger is a former college student who enjoys talking about sex with young people. He travels to schools all over the country, where he tirelessly fields the many questions "youngsters" have about "sex" until he is told to "move along" by "security." If you would like to email him a question or send comments, he can be reached at dangermint@yahoo.com.

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